Our Foundation Stage


Our Early Years Foundation Stage unit consists of preschool and reception aged children. This mix in ages has proved very successful, especially for transitions in the summer term.

At Leedstown School our youngest children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  The programme we use to deliver phonics is 'letters and sounds'.Topics are introduced half termly to spark children’s interests and help develop their prime and specific areas of learning. Children’s individual needs and interests are also incorporated within our daily and weekly plans. Key workers get to know their children well and can therefore help move learning forwards on an individual basis.



Play the video below to look inside our reception classroom.

During this time in school, children’s learning is collected in a learning journey. This special, individual book will contain photographs, children’s comments, adult observations and parent’s contributions. Children’s key workers are displayed on their learning journey. Learning journeys are available at all times and parents are encouraged to browse during morning drop off. WOW cards are also available for parents to record proud/special moments that happen at home.

Preschool children are welcome to attend on a flexible basis and we are now offering the full 30 hours of funding. Please do come and speak with us about the hours you would like.


Our daily routine (Reception aged children)
8:50 – 9:15 Settling in
9:15 – 9:45 Phonics. (Preschool children have a short 10/15-minute phonics session working on Phase 1 Letters and Sounds. This prepares them for learning to read in Reception)
9:45 – 10:15 Learning through play
10:15 – 10:30 Story/Literacy
10:30- 11:30 Learning through play
11:30 – 12:00 Numeracy
12:00 – 12:30 Learning through play and story time
12:30 – 1:15 Lunch
1:15 – 3:15 Afternoon session. During the afternoon session children have an adult led activity and then learn through play. Twice a week they take part in PE.

During learning through play children have access to both the indoor and outdoor classroom. There are adult led activities such as painting throughout the week. Adults support children playing through questioning, encouraging and joining in. Adults are able to help children with their individual targets during this time too. As the year progresses children spend longer periods of time completing adult led activities, to prepare them for KS1.

Preschool children have a similar timetable but have a much shorter adult led sessions. Our preschool children join in with our reception class trips as well as swimming lessons in the summer term. 

Children have snack at 10.00. Snack consists of a choice of different fruit and a cup of milk. We do enjoy cooking and making different dishes so we often try what we have made too. Please do advise us of any allergies or particular dislikes.

Please do have a look at our photographs on our website showing the range of activities and experiences our children receive. Or even better, come and pay us a visit!
Please look around the rest of our school website to find any policies or procedures you would like more information on. Information relating to safeguarding and special education needs can be found under the corresponding tabs.